Continuous Lights
Aputure Light Storm 300d Mark II

Aputure Light Storm 300d Mark II

The Aputure Light Storm 300d Mark II V-mount kit refines the impeccable qualities of its predecessor, focusing on advanced connectivity, adapted features and 20% more power. The energy efficiency of this light permits the output 3500 lux whilst only consuming 350W with an efficient reflect at a distance of 9.8’. This also allows the production of a 5500k colour temperature supported by Chip on Board (COB) technology. To ensure colour rendering accuracy, this fixture is equipped with a CRI/TCLI rating of 96. This kit offers the optimum amount of control with not only a wireless remote but also the possibility of utilising the bluetooth app created by Aputure. This fixture is equipped with 4 alternative dimming curves; linear, logarithmic, exponential and S-curve, offering possibilities to shoot in any environment. This kit is also equipped with a DMX cable to connect to the ballast, a wireless remote, a base for an optional clamp, strand reflector, controller box with Battery Plate and a sturdy carrying case supporting 220lb in order to protect the light for transport and storage.


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What is included in your rental?

  • Aputure Light Storm C300d Mark II LED Light Kit with V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Controller Box with Battery Plate
  • Power Cable
  • 5-Pin Male to Female XLR Cable
  • Quick Release Clamp Base
  • Remote Control with CR2032 Battery
  • Standard Reflector
  • Strap
  • Carrying Bag

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