Sharegear 10kg Shotbag


With a capacity of 10kg, our weather-resistant custom Sharegear shotbags will keep down any item, whether it be lighting stands, sound equipment, banners, umbrellas, tents or anything else you can imagine! Designed and manufactured in Melbourne.

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Frequently asked questions

The questions we get asked the most about our shotbags!

What is a shotbag?

A shotbag is a weighted bag made out of small metal pelets. They are often referred to as "sand bags" but believe it or not, they are not made out of sand - well, atleast ours aren't!

Do you deliver? Is shipping expensive because of the weight?

We offer free delivery for all Sharegear shotbags purchased in Australia.

Why buy the Sharegear shotbag?

Why buy? Why not? Let’s be real, we all need shotbags and if you’re reading this I’m assuming you don’t have enough. Be unique and come to set with a statement piece. The patented* “High Visibility Red” we used on our shot bags, mean that you greatly reduce the risk of tripping. Do you really want to be that person on set with another black shotbag? It's time to stand out, it's time to make an impact, what are you waiting for?

Are there any other red shotbags on the market?

Currently, there are no red shotbags available to purchase, making our product truly a collectors item.

Will I find a higher quality shotbag somewhere else?

We take quality assurance seriously, and our Sharegear 10kg shotbags are no exception to that rule. You will struggle to find a higher quality, shot bag-related product than this one.

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